Kamboja Application

KambojaJS application is the main application used to create the system. Behind the scene KambojaJS application generates all controllers into routes and ass...

Kamboja Option

Kamboja Option is configuration you can provide when instantiating KambojaJs application.


Controller plays main role in KambojaJS. It handles http request based on its generated route (url), then process separate view or response a JSON or XML bod...


ApiController is a specialized controller used to create a Restful API using convention over configuration.

Real Time

KambojaJS support real time interaction between server and client code using websocket/polling technique. It uses socket.io library as its core function.

Action Result

KambojaJS use Http Response internally to hide complexity on unit testing, instead KambojaJS prefer an action to return ActionResult to make unit testing pro...

Route Decorators

KambojaJS route generation system, generate route automatcally with pattern <namespace>/<class>/<action>. Some convention that change the p...

Parameter/Model Binding

KambojaJS automatically binds request parameter/query string to appropriate controller’s action parameter.

Route Generation

KambojaJS route generation system uses Kecubung to load the metadata information e.g. namespace, class, method, parameters, decorators etc.

Qualified Class Name

Qualified class name is the way KambojaJS identify a JavaScript class in the MVC app. It consist of a single string consist of 2 parts separated by a comma.


KambojaJS provide a built-in validation by using TypeScript decorator, KambojaJS validation can be applied to an action parameter, model and a nested model


KambojaJS middleware concept is the same as Express middleware, except KambojaJS refine the usage of next function in Express middleware.


Facility is a predefined configuration distributed in a single facility class. Facility like a configuration combo with some predefined configuration like Va...

Dependency Injection

KambojaJS allows you to use any dependency injection framework. You are free to choose any server side javascript dependency injection you like.

Static Analysis

KambojaJS use static analysis when generating the route from controller. Static analysis mean, the issue analyzed before the the code/controller ran by the r...